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Please find the following information and claim forms to assist you in making a claim.

(You will need the Acrobat Reader plugin to view these files).

Important Information 

  • All events that may result in a claim must be notified to LCA Insurance as soon as possible to the event date but no later than14 days.
  • As with all claims, it is important that you do not proceed with repairs/replacement unless LCA Insurance or our insurers have given approval, failure to do so may result in your claim being denied.
  • All claims will require submission of a completed claim form, written quotes, and photos of the damage prior to approval.
  • Our insurers and LCA Insurance also reserve the right to appoint an assessor to any claims made.
  • Any loss by theft or any willful or malicious damage must be immediately advised to the Police and reasonable steps taken to trace and recover any missing property.

Property - Building and Contents


Immediately phone a carpet firm to have the damaged carpet lifted. Ensure they take the necessary steps to have the carpet dried and stretched.

In the event of the carpet shrinking to the extent it cannot be re-laid, obtain two (2) quotations for its replacement. The new carpet should be identical to the damaged carpet. Should the carpet firm have difficulty in obtaining an identical carpet, quotations should be obtained for replacement with one of a similar quality.


A burglary claim is where an item/s has been stolen and there are signs of forced entry. A theft claim is where there is no sign of forced entry.

In the first instance, please report any act of malicious damage, burglary/theft to the Police. A copy of the Police report or report number must be included with the claim form.

In signing a claim form for burglary or theft, you agree to notify LCA Insurance immediately if any of the stolen property is recovered. You also agree (at the discretion of LCA Insurance) to return the goods to LCA Insurance or refund the amount of money received in compensation.


Once the quotes have been authorised, we require the client to pay the repairer/supplier in the first instance (unless otherwise authorised). We will make the reimbursement to the claimant upon receipt of the completed claim form and copies of paid invoices.

Where property claims are likely to be over $10,000 it is very important to contact us immediately as in most cases where claims exceed $10,000 an Assessor is hired. The Assessors role is to act on behalf of the Insurer and help the client with the claim until finalised. Do not proceed with repairs/replacements over $10,000 unless LCA Insurance Insurers or Assessors have given approval.

The incident report form can be used to notify LCA Insurance of any incident which may result in a claim for injury to a person. 


In the event of an accident you must take the following actions:

  • Do not admit liability
  • Exchange names, addresses and registration numbers and obtain details of the third party's insurance company
  • Note the location of the accident and the road/street, time and date, weather conditions
  • Obtain names and addresses of any witnesses
  • Report the accident to the Police if required by law.

Please refer to the following information regarding the motor vehicle claims procedure.

For clients insuring their vehicles through LCA Insurance, the motor vehicles insurer is Vero and the policy number is MSL019091484 

Please lodge all motor claims directly with the insurer

You can lodge online here or complete the claim form below and email to

Windscreen claims: O'Brien is Vero's preferred provider and can be contacted on 1800 833 547

Alternatively, the dedicated insurance line for all Vero windscreen/glass (nil excess) claims is 1800 027 403.

For motor claims requiring escalation or additional assistance, Vero has a dedicated claims officer for the Lutheran Church Motor policy as follows: 

Contact Name - Jonathan Logan 

Email -

Telephone - 03 9075 5675

Please note that only vehicles that are registered under the name of a Lutheran Church organisation are eligible for motor vehicle insurance cover through LCA Insurance.

Please contact LCA Insurance for alterations or additions to your vehicle fleet.


  • You should contact us immediately, as the insurer may wish to appoint an Assessor. The Assessors role is to act on behalf of the Insurer and help the client with the claim until finalised. Do not proceed with repairs/replacements unless LCA Insurance or Assessors have given approval.
  • Prevent further loss - for example get ice for a cool room, move stock to a different cool room or use spare equipment
  • Preserve evidence - do not dispose of parts, equipment or stock without Vero Insurance's knowledge or consent
  • Seek out the lowest cost for repair or replacement
  • Complete an Equipment Breakdown Claim Form and email to LCA Insurance together with relevant documentation.

  • Form - Equipment Breakdown Claim Form 


Student and Teachers' Personal Property

Should circumstances arise which may result in a claim, immediate notification should be given to LCA Insurance. The following documentation must be forwarded to LCA Insurance:

  • evidence of the original purchase of the item
  • a quote for repair or replacement, and
  • completed general property claim form

Contract Works

Verbal notification must be provided to LCA Insurance. We will arrange for the necessary claim forms and/or assessments.


Should circumstances arise which may result in a claim, you must immediately notify LCA Insurance. The appropriate claim form is to be completed and forwarded to us, together with documentation to support the claim.

Voluntary Workers

Handy Tip: You are responsible for the safety of your volunteers.

  • Your organisation has both a moral and legal obligation to look after the health and safety of volunteers. Here are some tips to ensure you value and protect your volunteers.
  • The best way to protect volunteers is to be certain they are capable of safely carrying out the work you are asking them to perform. This is especially pertinent when the volunteer workforce is ageing and, at times, being asked to carry out tasks inappropriate for their age.
  • Training must be given to volunteers on the use of equipment unfamiliar to them. Checks should be carried out on the equipment used.
  • Safety equipment is to be used at all times (e.g. gloves and safety glasses) and attention must be given to the correct procedure for manual lifting of objects and the provision and use of ladders. These are two areas where accidents/injuries are prevalent. It is wise to record all volunteers in a register or book including details of any medical condition they may have (i.e. allergies).
  • A register of volunteers should be kept with details of contact names and numbers in case of emergency. With the volunteer's approval, list details of medical conditions that may impact the volunteer's ability to carry out work for your organisation.
  • There should be a process in place whereby persons working with children, including volunteers, are screened. All volunteers who work with children involved in the ministry should fill out volunteer application forms, which include an authority to complete Police and Community Services checks.


  1. Verbal notification must be given to LCA Insurance who will arrange for the necessary claim forms and/or assessment.
  2. A completed claim form together with the Medical Attendant's Certificate must be sent to LCA Insurance promptly.
  3. Important: completion of the claim form must not be deferred until the claimant has recovered.