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Motor Vehicle

Insurance Provider: Vero

It only takes a split second for a motor vehicle accident to occur - and the result could range from a slight inconvenience to tragic and life changing.

Don't take the risk. LCA Motor Vehicle Insurance provides cover for loss or damage to motor vehicles and includes Third Party Legal Liability on all classes of motor vehicles owned, leased, hired or operated by Lutheran organisations anywhere in the Commonwealth of Australia. This cover is not automatically included in the annual premium.

This policy includes protection for:

  • Accessories attached to vehicles
  • the reasonable cost of sign writing up to $5,000 if applicable
  • Employees and volunteers using their vehicle on employer's business if not otherwise insured, however the standard excess applies (refer below)
  • Repatriation expenses or drivers and passengers. Reasonable costs, including necessary accommodation, if more than 100 km radius from departure point up to $3,000
  • Cost of temporary hire of similar vehicle following theft or accident. Reasonable cost up to max. 30 days. Sedans, wagons and 4wd vehicles - up to $100 per day. Goods carrying vehicles up to 2 tonnes - up to $250 per day. Goods carrying vehicles 2 to 5 tonnes - up to $500 per day. No temporary hire applicable to all other vehicles
  • New replacement of vehicles written off within two years of original registration for sedans, wagons, 4wd's, utilities and other goods carrying vehicles less than 5 tonnes or minibus with no greater than 15 person carrying capacity
  • All vehicles and buses - nil excess applies to windscreen/window claims
  • Towing and retrieval costs up to $10,000, removal of debris up to $50,000, recovery cost up to $5,000 for stolen vehicles.

What is the basis of settlement?

  • Market value of insured vehicle at the time of loss (limited to $10,000,000 any one event)
  • Third Party Liability Limit $30,000,000 (carriage of hazardous goods limit $1,000,000).

Major exclusions

  • Vehicles driven by or in the responsibility of any person under the influence of drugs or intoxicating liquor
  • Racing, speed or reliability trials, stunt, rallying or hill climbing activities
  • Unsafe or un-roadworthy vehicles or those that exceed designed load
  • Unlawful use by an unlicenced driver
  • Carrying passengers for hire, fare or reward (excepting buses/coaches)
  • Personal injury where bus/coach used for conveying passengers for fare or reward (registered or unregistered)
  • Nuclear and allied perils, including war and acts of terrorism.

What Excesses apply?

  • Vehicles including buses and tractors: $750
  • Trucks over 10 tonne: $1,000
  • Trailers and gophers: $100

Additional excesses for young and inexperienced drivers
Drivers aged 21-25: $500

Drivers over 25, licensed less than 2 years: $500

Drivers aged less than 21 years: $750

Handy Tip: If you add any new vehicles or make changes to vehicles, these must be communicated to LCA Insurance immediately using this form.

In the event of an accident you must take the following actions:

  • Do not admit liability
  • Exchange names, addresses and registration numbers and obtain details of the third party's insurance company
  • Note the location of the accident and the road/street, time and date, weather conditions
  • Obtain names and addresses of any witnesses
  • Report the accident to the Police if required by law.

Vero Insurance Policy number: MSL019091484

Need to report a Vehicle incident or make a claim?

Download and fill in the Motor Vehicle Accident Report form and email to

For queries in relation to your claim or to arrange an assessment call Vero on 1300 888 073.

Windscreen Claims

Obrien is Vero's preferred provider for windscreen claims and can be contacted on 131 616 to arrange repairs. Nil excess will apply to windscreen or window if no other loss or damage.

Important: No admission of liability is to be given. Any correspondence from a third party should be sent to the insurer.

Please note that this website only provides a summary of coverage. More detailed information is available by contacting LCA Insurance directly. The insurers policy wordings will take precedence over information contained in this website.