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Frequently Asked Questions

Insurance Provider: Accident & Health International Underwriting

These insurances are included in the Group Insurance / Risk Program and the cost to access these covers is included in the rate charged to Lutheran facilities upon renewal of their insurance program.

Travel insurance is simply a must - no matter where in the world you are heading. Our group Business Travel policy covers the lives and property of all employees, volunteers, students of Lutheran schools on excursions, members of committees, councils and boards and will also cover their accompanying Spouse and/or Dependent Children (as defined in the Policy) whilst travelling on LCA authorised business anywhere in the world. This policy also covers any incidental "private travel" component of a business trip for all insureds as well as private leisure trips undertaken by eligible executives named on the policy schedule.

It’s very important each part of the organisation declares an estimated annual number of trips (within Australia and overseas) in the annual electronic insurance surveys, which are declared to insurers each year in order to maintain this blanket policy. Noting that one trip is one person’s return Journey, and a covered Journey is a trip being a minimum of 50 km from home or the usual place of work, with a duration of not more than 180 consecutive days. Outside these parameters there will be no cover, so please seek advice from an insurance broker if required.


COVID-19 cover is provided under the following sections of the policy, although some Exclusions apply.

Section 4 Medical & Additional Expenses and Cancellation/Curtailment Expenses, responds once a trip has commenced, covering additional or forfeited Travel and Accommodation Expenses (including quarantine costs), if a Covered Person is diagnosed with COVID-19 by a doctor.

Section 6 – Loss of Deposits covers non-refundable travel and accommodation costs paid in advance if a Covered Person is diagnosed as having COVID-19 and:

a) Is certified by a Doctor as being unable to travel; or

b) Must quarantine because they have been diagnosed as having COVID-19;

Please note that a doctor’s certificate will be required to make a claim.

Medical & Additional Expenses cover does not respond for trips within Australia (due to our health legislation),  however for overseas trips Medical & Additional Expenses cover is provided with no policy limit. This includes various costs which may be incurred, including reasonable travel and accommodation expenses of a maximum of two (2) persons who, as a result of the Covered Person’s Bodily Injury and Sickness, are required to travel to or remain with the Covered Person on written medical advice and which is approved or organised by AHI ASSIST.

Firstly contact AHI ASSIST (refer to contact details below), before making any arrangements yourself.

AHI ASSIST will organise the logistics necessary for anyone facing unexpected difficulties overseas (otherwise AHI may not reimburse all costs incurred). AHI has arrangements with other specialist organisations which can respond at short notice, depending on the situation or emergency.”

COVID-19 Exclusions: where no cover is provided:

a) where a domestic or international border is closed or subsequently closes prior to the commencement of or during a Covered Person's Journey.

b) where there is a requirement for a Covered Person to mandatorily quarantine before or after crossing a domestic or international border.

c) where a Covered Person did not follow the advice issued by the government of the Covered Person's Country of Residence declaring that travellers do not undertake any travel to a country or region.

d) where a Covered Person did not comply with the entry permit requirements of a country or region.

Cancellation prior to departure

The Travel policy will cover Loss of Deposits for trips cancelled prior to departure if there has been an increase in the DFAT Advice Level, but only if the warning level has increased between the time the trip was booked & deposits paid, and the departure date.

E.g. at the time of booking a trip, the Advice Level is ‘Exercise a high degree of caution’. If this does not escalate to “reconsider your need to travel” or “Do not Travel” the policy will not respond.

If a trip is cancelled due to safety or other concerns and the DFAT travel warning level has not increased since deposits were paid, the policy will not cover any loss of deposits (see below exclusion). Insurers will consider this a disinclination to travel (change of mind). Cover is essentially designed to respond to Unforeseen Circumstances, so depending on extenuating/unique circumstances, we can engage with insurers to negotiate policy response if required.

Exclusion: Insurer will not pay any expenses attributable to civil unrest in circumstances where the civil unrest was in existence or there had been a published warning that such events were likely to occur prior to the commencement of the Journey;

It is recommended for travel to any countries where there are possible safety concerns, the DFAT website is monitored for changes/ escalation in the travel warning level, before and during overseas trips – link to site; Destinations | Smartraveller

Increased DFAT Advice Level whilst on a trip

Travellers should contact the insurer dedicated Emergency Assistance provider per below details, and they can respond to assist to arrange repatriation, evacuation & other emergency situations and cover the costs, but it is also recommended travellers become familiar with what to do per details on DFAT website and Consular Services Charter. Crisis or emergency while travelling | Smartraveller

Emergency Medical & Travel Assistance

Please note for any information on policy coverage please call your LCA Insurance team before departure on 08 8267 7330

Emergency medical & travel assistance is available anywhere in the world through our insurance provider, Accident & Health. Contact the local operator and ask for a reverse charge call to AHI Assist 24/7 on +61 2 8330 1222 or email and quote the LCA policy number 5539634.  

Download the AHI Assist App so that you have all the details you need before travelling and while you are away.

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 Damaged Luggage

If you end up with damage to your luggage when arriving at an airport, it is the airline’s responsibility to address this, and you should notify them at the earliest opportunity. Generally, upon collecting your bags from a carousel, there should be an airline desk in the vicinity for you to report the damage.

The Travel insurance policy will only respond if the airline does not take action to address your loss/damage, and the insurer may not pay your claim unless you have raised it with the airline first.

What are the benefits?

Aggregate limit (maximum any one claim or event) 10,000,000
Injury invloving non scheduled/charter flight 250,000
Death and Capital benefits - Lump sum insured (students - $20,000) 250,000
Weekly injury benefits (accident & sickness)-max 156 weeks- up to 85% prior avg weekly earnings 1,500
Alternative employee/Resumption of assignment benefits 20,000
Cancellation and curtailment expenses 50,000
Medical & additional expenses (includes emergency dental) outside Australia Unlimited
Continuous bed confinement (max 100 days) per day - 100
Reasonable Funeral expenses (outside Australia) 25,000
Loss of deposits (non-refundable costs paid in advance) 50,000
Baggage/Business property limit any one item $5,000 (excess $50) 10,000
Deprivation of baggage 3,000
Laptop computer cover and electronic equipment - hand luggage only (excess $250) 6,000
Money, including traveller's cheques and travel documents 5,000
Replacement of keys, locks 2,000
Identity Theft 20,000
Personal Liability 10,000,000

Kidnap, ransom and extortion 

- Trauma counselling benefit (max $500 per visit)



Hijack & Detention - daily benefit with a maximum of 30 days (maximum $30,000) per day - 1,000
Hijack & Detention - legal costs 20,000
Political & Natural disaster evacuation included $20,000 per person - aggregate 500,000
Search & rescue expenses ($20,000 per person) - aggregate 250,000
Rental vehicle - excess waiver 6,000
Missed transport connection 10,000
Overbooked flight 2,500
Fractured bones maximum benefit payable* 5,000

*These are a lump sum payment in addition to any medical expenses incurred.


Up to age 90, however there are certain restrictions on some benefits for persons aged 75 or over


  • Financial insolvency of provider of travel or tourism related services, facilities or accommodation
  • Training or participating in professional sport of any kind
  • Flying in an aircraft or aerial device other than as a passenger in an aircraft licensed to carry passengers
  • Intentional self-injury, suicide or any illegal or criminal act
  • Certain Covid-19 exclusions



Need to make a claim?

Should circumstances arise which may result in a claim, you must immediately notify LCA Insurance. The appropriate claim form is to be completed and forwarded to us, together with documentation to support the claim.

Employee Journey Accident Cover

Accidents happen anytime, anywhere - so we also include a personal accident policy to cover employees travelling directly to and from their home to work and return. The policy also includes cover for activities undertaken during lunchtimes and meal breaks.

Cover is only available to employees in those states where the Workers Compensation cover does not cover such journeys, i.e. South Australia, Northern Territory, Victoria, Tasmania and Western Australia.

What are the benefits?

Death and Capital Benefits - $100,000
Weekly injury Benefit - $2,000 per week - maximum 85% prior avg weekly earnings payable
Benefit Period - 104 weeks
Age Limit - Up to age 90, however there are certain restrictions on some benefits for persons aged 75 or over.


  • Training or participating in professional sport of any kind
  • Flying in an aircraft or aerial device other than as a passenger in an aircraft licensed to carry passengers
  • Being under the influence of intoxicating liquor or being under the influence of any other drug

What is the excess?


Need to make a claim?

Should circumstances arise which may result in a claim, you must immediately notify LCA Insurance. The appropriate claim form is to be completed and forwarded to us, together with documentation to support the claim.

Please note that this website only provides a summary of coverage. More detailed information is available by contacting LCA Insurance directly. The insurers policy wordings will take precedence over information contained in this website.